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Endpoint Management

XeroSec Provides a SOAR platform for remediating vulnerabilities across your enterprise in real time.

Built using Rust

Our platform is built from the ground up in the rust programming language to mitigate 70 percent of all serious coding bugs.

Cloud Based SAAS platform

Control and patch all your devices from anywhere to anywhere

Able to be installed on any operating system

Our tool supports all Flavors of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Operate at high speed

Built to be fast and efficient.

Full Customer Experience Service

Early Adopters get first in class support from our engineers and founders.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

XeroSec is building a best-in-class SOAR platform from the ground up in the Rust programming language.  Rust was chosen for its reliability, speed, and security.  Building it in rust means our dependencies on open source and publicly maintained libraries remain extremely limited protecting against many supply chain attacks as well as the memory based attacks that rust protects from by default.

I came up with the idea of XeroSec when I was trying to maintain device security across an enterprise and being frustrated that existing tools do too little, don't have the functionality I want, and don’t provide the access and single pane of glass to all types of devices.  Enterprises typically have to use multiple tools and companies to manage their endpoints.   I'm building the tool that I and other security guys want.

Choose XeroSec to control your devices

Invest today

Stay Tuned, this page like our product is still under development

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